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Energy Pre-Workout Elite Explosion Watermelon

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Feel like a super hero with our non-stimulant pre-workout pump formula. We designed it to help muscles explode with fullness and vascularity with increased blood flow.

By improving your circulation, your body processes nutrients more effectively so you can experience bigger gains and faster recovery.

Certain ingredients in pre-workout supplements, such as creatine, caffeine, beta-alanine, BCAAs, and nitric oxide precursors, have been shown to support athletic performance. The ingredients in “Elite Explosion” have been shown to help your mind-muscle connection during physical exercise.

Be prepared for an amazing training session, huge pumps and intense focus and power!

Elite Explosion is a pre workout that can replace your energy drinks. When taken in the evening it will not cause sleep disturbances. Unlike Energy drinks, Elite Explosion also helps promote muscle mass development.

Elite Explosion promotes Energy, Increase Focus and Maintains Endurance. It encourages the mind and body to respond quickly during a long work day or grueling workout and allowing more nutrition to flow through the body to your muscles helping you become Stronger, Faster, Better!!!

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Flavors: Watermelon;
Serving Size: 12.5 Grams;
Servings Per Container: 44;
Bottle Color: Black;
Bottle Size: 64 oz;
Lid Color: Black

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3.75 × 3.75 in

1 review for Energy Pre-Workout Elite Explosion Watermelon

  1. Shannon Dale

    Great results. Great taste.

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