Part way through the deployment I had a crisis of motivation, the way I was working out wasn’t getting me faster or stronger, feeling constant dread at the thought of the next PT test, as well as working out in general.

I opened up to SSG Sims and we started working out together that night, he opened up to me and as long as I showed up, he never quit on me, so I never quit on him.

With his training, and after several weeks of pain, listening to music, and overcoming mental barriers, I passed, and was promoted by the man who helped me get over that hill the following day.

Feeling more confident in the miraculous machine that is my body, I continue to work out with SSG Sims in part because he is fun to work out with and because he trusts the process and understands that everyone’s needs and fitness goals are different.

I owe my success to the many men who helped me get through, and number one on that list of men, is SSG Sims.

“Training with Sims has been very insightful and meaningful.  He is one who takes his time and thoroughly explains each exercise and ensure form over numbers is the key to successful weight training. He tailors the workout to fit the individual and it has did me wonders.  I would recommend him to anyone of my friends, family and colleagues because he exudes great  professional all while ensuring my goals were met. He is truly an awesome trainer. “

SMSgt McMullin

Sims is a n awesome PT! He makes sure you have proper form to get the most out of your workout! Check him out, you will not be disappointed!

Maj Greenidge

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