Different Supplements You Should Take As You Age

Different Supplements You Should Take As You Age

Getting the nutrition you need from your diet is not always a perfect process. Taking NSF certified supplements can help you be certain you are getting all of the support you need for your body to perform its best.. Sometimes stress and problems with food not having enough nutrition due to environmental degradation can change the amount of nutrition you need and adding supplements can help you get enough. 

Vitamin C

This vitamin is great for supporting skin and body tissue health. This helps with repairing skin and making collagen that gives it a smooth appearance. It, also, helps you avoid getting colds and flu because it gives you support for your immune system. 


Circulation is important for your body to get all of the nutrients where they need to go. Iron helps with circulation and oxygen going to the cells in your body from the lungs. It helps you maintain your energy and prevent tiredness. It, also, helps you make stomach acid and is key for digesting the food you eat. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps form bone tissue and calcium can only be absorbed if vitamin D is there, too. You can get it from sunlight. The skin creates it after sun exposure. If you do not get enough from being out of doors, you may need a supplement. This can help with preventing bone loss.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is hard to get into your diet. Avocados, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ have a lot of this vitamin. It helps with nerve signaling and can prevent neuropathy, or damage or dysfunction of nerves that causes numbness and tingling in your body. It can, also, give you better skin health. 


Magnesium makes your heart run the way it should with its partner calcium. Most people need more magnesium to help with cardiovascular health. It, also, helps you build bone tissue. This mineral aids digestion, too. It relaxes the intestines and helps with constipation and avoids sleeplessness. It is a great supplement for going to sleep at night if you feel awake still at bedtime.

De-tox Supplements

Take detox supplements for supporting the body by removing free radicals and toxins, so that it can perform normally and help you with weight loss. .

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